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Wiggly Japanese Soufflé Pancakes Arrive On Grand Avenue

Thirty-Six Cafe is ready to brighten Instagram feeds

A pink flower packed wall installation over a pink table with two pink and gold chairs. On the table are two cappuccino cups topped with swirled foam.
Instagram-famous pancakes arrive in St. Paul
Thirty-Six Cafe/Facebook

Those alluring puffy towers of wiggling pancakes officially arrive in St. Paul tomorrow with the grand opening of Thirty Six Cafe on Grand Avenue. The new cafe takes the place of Himalayan Java. Starting Saturday November 2 the it will open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. serving a collection of pretty breakfast foods including toasts with various toppings, smoothie bowls, teas, coffee, and the huge, fluffy pancakes that quiver when you jiggle the plate.

Thirty Six Cafe has also given the room a blushing makeover heavy on the floral accents and soft pink furniture.

Japanese soufflé pancakes get their height from an abundance of egg whites. The dish migrated through the UK in 2018 to New York, Los Angeles, and San Fransisco soon after.

Tomorrow the new cafe has promised to give away thirty six soufflé pancakes to the cafe’s first thirty six diners.

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Thirty-Six Cafe

949 Grand Avenue, , MN 55105 (651) 493-0163