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Elbow-Deep in Dough, West 7th’s New Bread Lab Trains Bakers of Tomorrow

A peek inside Rose Street Patisserie’s new baking school

John Kraus is caught in a beam of light inside Rose Street Patisserie on West 7th, carefully placing desserts on plates
John Kraus is training both home cooks and the next generation of professional bread bakers
John Yuccas/Eater Twin Cities

John Kraus is one of the best bread makers in the entire world and he chooses to make the Twin Cities his home. In 2015 his team brought home bronze in the Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie, a global competition sometimes referred to as the Olympics of pastry. At that time, he operated one bakery, Patisserie 46 in a South Minneapolis neighborhood. Since then, he and partner Elizabeth Rose have added another two bakeries, cafe, stand inside Keg and Case, as well as a bread lab.

In late October, Kraus and Rose announced they would close one bakery, Linden Hills’ Rose Street Patisserie to focus on other businesses, including a one-of-a-kind bread lab. Located behind the bakery and cafe on West 7th inside the former Schmidt Brewery’s rathskeller building, the goal is to train the next generation of bread makers in the Twin Cities.

A bread baker pulls two just-baked bread loaves out of the oven
Inside the bread lab, crust loaves are made for the Rose Street Patisserie’s bakeries as well as retail accounts

Like many other trades, the baking industry has seen a decline in workforce. Because perfecting a crusty loaf is as much science as it is art, being a great baker can require an apprenticeship. Kraus hopes to share skills and inspire more bakers to consider this a profession.

Three young people and Kraus stand over a table with dough as one young man slices the dough into portions
Learning the art and science of flour, water, and yeast

Before becoming his current career as pastry master, Kraus had been on a teaching path. He’s been relishing the opportunity to again lead classes.

A baker stands over several mounds of rising dough
The large production space acts as a classroom, but also allows for baking fresh products to deliver across the hall, to Rose Street’s cafe

In addition to teaching would-be professional bakers, the lab will also host classes for home bakers.

Two bread loaves are fed into the oven
Into the oven

Rose Street and Patisserie 46 is gearing up for a variety of classes at The Bread Lab during the holiday season, led by Kraus. He will be teaching several including learning to make stollen, a Bûche de Nöel, and holiday cookie decorating. Those interested should email

More baguettes than a French-set rom com
A sheet pan full of croissants
Layers and layers of laminated dough
Poppyseed studded croissants stuffed with ham and cheese
Oh, those croissants come in savory, too
And almond
Pastry art from chef John Kraus
A finger sized layer cake topped with white chocolate wheels
In addition to perfect bread, Kraus is known for baking stunning confections
Rose Street Patisserie’s Elizabeth Rose and John Kraus

Rose Street Café

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