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The Twin Cities Are Experiencing a Biscuit Boom

Three new biscuit spots to satisfy cravings

Three biscuits on a stand: plain, apple cider doughnut, and veggie and sausage
Three new spots are centered on tempting biscuits
Joy Summers/Eater Twin Cities

There are three new biscuit businesses that have heralded in a new era of breakfast in the Twin Cities. Up until now, there weren’t many places for a biscuit lover to indulge in towers of layers outside of the occasional biscuits and gravy brunch item, or a cheese-topped side. These spots are dedicated to the biscuit, giving the humble dish center stage and each offers a personalized spin on the Southern-famous baked good.

Betty & Earl’s

This bakery stand is a part of the new makeover of Rosedale Center’s food court. It comes from an unlikely source: local TV and radio host Jason Matheson. He’s been carrying around his grandparents biscuit recipe for years and knew it was too good not to share. He then teamed with local pastry chef Adrienne Odom to bring the biscuits to the masses. Made with the preferred flour of the South, White Lily, the biscuits come in a variety of sweet and savory options, or simply with honey butter. The biscuits can be served warm, or warmed at home with strict instructions. “If you put them in the microwave, a piece of Jason’s soul with die,” warned a worker. No one wants that. Prices are mostly just under $5 a biscuit. Savory option includes one biscuit that’s filled with sausage gravy. While a sweet option is called “cinnamon roll” and stuffed with sweet spiced filling and topped with frosting. Fans will be delighted to know that Matheson can sometimes be found behind the counter, taking orders, or posing for pictures.

Three biscuit breakfasts, one with gravy, one as a sandwich with bacon and cheese, another sliced with a side of jam.
A new cafe on Snelling puts the focus biscuits and pie
Rebecca Slater

Hot Hands Pie and Biscuit

Not one, but two specialties focusing on the flaky arts are available at this new Snelling Avenue cafe. Try the creamy breakfast gravy biscuits and gravy, or the portable breakfast sandwich. Owned by a transplanted Chicago pastry chef, there is no shortage of decadent treats here. These biscuits are square, tender in the center with a little crunchy crust on the edges. A meal of biscuits runs around $10, but a single with jam is $4.95.

Three biscuits, plain, apple cider, and veggie and sausage
Sweet, savory, and all made in small batches
Joy Summers/Eater Twin Cities

The Biscuit Babe

This famers market stand is small, but poised from big things. Angela Lombardi is a Southern transplant who deeply missed the dish of her roots. So, she decided to dip into the buttermilk and flour and get to baking these fantastic biscuits available at the Linden Hills Farmers Market (check her Facebook page for the schedule.) True-to-the-South style, these biscuits are towering layers of rich butter. Flavors vary, but on the day we visited there was an apple layer topped with apple cider doughnut crumbles; cheese, sausage and veggie stuffed savory, and plain for just over $4.

Hot Hands Pie & Biscuit

272 Snelling Avenue South, , MN 55105 (651) 300-1503 Visit Website