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Pop-Up Ice Cream Shop Finds a Permanent Home in Uptown

Bebe Zito will still do some pop-ups, until the store opens

A vanilla scoop in a cup with sprinkles
Uptown is getting another ice cream shop
Bebe Zito Ice Cream/Facebook

What was previously a pop-up-only operation, Bebe Zito’s co-owners Gabriella Grant and Ben Sangler will open a permanent location in Uptown in the former Fox Den Salon location. Taking it to the next level, Spangler also popped The Question to Gaby while shooting the promo material for the shop.

Dedicated to providing “flavor vacations in the medium of cups, cones, or pints,” Bebe Zito offers creamy confections not easily found elsewhere. Self-described as “small batch and chef driven,” the flavors range from blueberry cheesecake with yuzu and pistachio to mushroom and waffle containing candy mushrooms and Stroopwafel. Alongside a vegan option, Bebe Zito offers more traditional flavors like Brazilian chocolate and java chip as well.

Until the shop opens, Bebe Zito will continue to pop-up most Fridays at the barbecue pick-up for Black Market St. Paul by the high bridge beginning at 5 p.m.