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The Twin Cities Neighborhoods That Ruled the 2019 Dining Scene

Local dining experts talk about where we found the most exciting new restaurants gathered together

A coup with a Manhattan served up is placed on the bar with the Minneapolis skyline in the background
Despite a lack of parking and available real estate, the North Loop continues to grow in density
John Yuccas/Eater Twin Cities

In keeping with Eater tradition, we like to finish out the year, and decade, in dining by reaching out to the Twin Cities dining experts to ask about the year that was. Already we’ve talked about restaurant standbys, newcomers, and attempted to sum up the year in one word. Now, we crown the most exciting restaurant-dense areas of 2019. What was the best dining neighborhood of 2019?

Jess Fleming of the Pioneer Press, “I have to stay St. Paul, since that’s where I eat most of the time, and I’m going with Mac/Groveland.”

Sharyn Jackson of the Star Tribune, “Does MSP Airport count?”

Mike Marcotte of Twin Cities Live, “North Loop and Linden Hills come to front of mind. As a Minneapolis resident, I did spend a lot of time driving to Saint Paul...”

Sarah Bumble and Em Cassel of City Pages, “Mac-Groveland/Midway.”

Nancy Ngo of the Pioneer Press, “West Seventh in St. Paul.”

James Norton, food editor of Growler Magazine, “My money is always on University Avenue in St. Paul (particularly now that Patisserie Marc Heu is going great guns), but that’s kind of a perennial favorite. The new developments are really popping off in the North Loop, particularly with the successful opening of Graze Provisions + Libations food hall, the new Isaac Becker Snack Bar, and Thr3 Jack, among others.”

Joy Summers, editor Eater Twin Cities, “I cannot believe that it’s possible to keep shoe-horning restaurants into the North Loop, but developers can’t get enough of that neighborhood.”