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Como Park Pavilion’s Restaurant Has Been Sold to a Corporate Catering Company

Matty O’Reilly sells Spring Cafe to Lancer

The restaurant had closed for the cold season and will open with new owners
Spring Cafe/Facebook

Matty O’Reilly, the restauranteur behind Republic, Red River food trucks and at City House, Delicata Pizza, and Bar Brigade has sold Spring Cafe, the restaurant inside the Como Pavilion to Lancer Hospitality. The national corporate catering company also operates the cafeteria at nearby Como Zoo, as well as at the Minnesota Zoo.

Spring Cafe first opened in the midst of last April’s historic spring blizzard by O’Reilly and his then chef JD Fratzke. Fratzke parted ways with the company in November of last year. Even though the restaurant operated year-round in its previous incarnations, it had closed for the winter this year.

O’Reilly said he was happy to sell the restaurant while business was going well. “Too many businesses don’t get to pick the terms and details of their exit, so all in all I’m feeling really good about it.”

Before O’Reilly’s involvement the Pavilion restaurant was known as Como Dockside, a Cajun eatery with a full bar that closed in November of 2017, after opening in 2015.

The new incarnation of Spring Cafe will open in the spring.

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