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After a Fire Forced Its Closure, Barbecue Stand Finds a New Home in Merriam Park

Bark and the Bite moves from Northeast to St. Paul

Fresh barbecue coming for Merriam Park
Bark and the Bite/Facebook

Bark and the Bite, a popular takeaway stand went up in very literal smoke on October 30 when a fire erupted at a building that housed Sunny’s Market in Northeast, where the stand was located. Now, the popular barbecue has landed a new home, in St. Paul, at the former location of Heirloom at 2186 Marshall Avenue. The new restaurant will open in April.

Bark and the Bite was founded as a food truck by Toph Heubach and Noah Miller in 2016 and quickly grew to a popular stop for barbecue lovers and fans of spicy, sweet hush puppies.

The extra space brings plans for a full bar, dining seating and a take-away counter. Right now, the room is being remodeled and a smoker has been installed.


2186 Marshall Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55104 (651) 493-7267