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St. Paul’s Historic Mansion Restaurant Closes Following Death of Its Chef

Forepaugh’s has shuttered

The mansion has been a restaurant since 1976
Fourepaugh’s [Official]

It has been 42 years of elegance inside Forepaugh’s, the mansion eatery on the edge of Saint Paul’s Irvine Park. Taher, Inc. has operated the restaurant for the past eleven years. Today via Facebook, the restaurant announced its closure. The news comes on the heels of the tragic death of its executive chef, 32 year-old Kyle Bell.

Named for Joseph’s Forepaugh, who built the house in 1870, the restaurant retained the its grandeur while adding in tables to rooms upstairs and down, as well as a first level bar. Popular for both elegant holiday parties and summertime patio dining with a rooftop deck that overlooked the park, the restaurant served modern American food.

Bruce Taher told the Pioneer Press that while revenues were already down, Bell’s death was a difficult blow for the restaurant and its staff to overcome, saying he was the heart of business. Employees have been offered work elsewhere inside the company, pledging that no one would lose their benefits or pay.

Forepaugh's Restaurant

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