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‘Top Chef’ Opens Boozy Snowcone Slinging Arcade in Lowertown Today

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Justin Sutherland’s newest restaurant is a 90s-kid dream hang

Justin Sutherland smiling and leaning on a banquet, wearing a black hat with white stitching that says, “In Diversity We Trust.”
This guy’s got next on Super Mario Brothers
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

Ox Cart Alehouse, the sorta pub/sorta restaurant around the corner from CHS Field has been reborn as an arcade bar as imagined by Saint Paul’s fan favorite ‘Top Chef’ contestant, Justin Sutherland. The bar was best known as a gateway to its short-seasoned rooftop patio, but now is packed with 4-way air hockey, pinball machines, a Nintendo/Sega corner, and a menu comprised of foods suited for a powerful munchie fit.

The ground level is filled with arcade games surrounding a large bar. The bar is pouring drinks that borderline ridiculous on the fun scale: a blue cocktail garnished with a shark gummy and a squirt of grenadine; spiked Tang, snowcones, Old Fashioneds on tap, 40s, and plenty of beer.

Fat bacon on a stick, MN sushi, spiked snowcone and Tang
Joy Summers/Eater Twin Cities

Sutherland’s kitchen is turning out food that would welcome in its entirety by that high school buddy Dave - the one that lived in his mom’s basement who could get his older brother to buy beer sometimes. Everything is built for one-handed eating: hot dogs, pretzels with cheese sauce, a pizza roll/muffin hybrid, and a glorious love child of a pastry chef build Pop-Tart/toaster strudel.

When Ox Cart’s rooftop re-opens this summer, it will carry the game theme along with giant Jenga, bags, and other fun distractions.

The room’s vibrant new decor includes a VHS wall and mirror for the Insta, murals by local artist Annika Leiknes. There are also photoshopped Tiger Beat magazines with Sutherland’s high school senior portraits mixed in with teen heartthrobs.

Ox Cart Arcade opens on the heels of Sutherland’s other new project, a steakhouse in New Richmond, Wisconsin called Fire & Whiskey. The chef is also hard at work relocating his Southern charmer Pearl & the Thief.

Ox Cart Arcade opens at 3pm today.

Ox Cart Arcade

255 6th St E, Saint Paul, MN 55101