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Distilleries and Restaurants Get In on the April Fooling

Today begins with a hot dose of skepticism

1,000 of years of tradition, doesn’t make it right
Skaalvenn Distillery/Twitter

On the first of April, businesses get creative to get one over on followers with a variety of outlandish declarations. From ridiculous menu items to a product line that might actual be useful (who wants water in your shower beer?) These are the best goofs from around the Minnesotan food world popping upon today, April Fool’s Day 2019.

Northern Waters Smokehouse: Tired of making all the sandwiches all the time, Duluth’s favorite smoked meat and fish shop has decided to pare things down to one sandwich: the Cajun Finn will now be the only sandwich served inside the DeWitt Seitz location.

How we know it’s false: There’s no way that anyone would choose that over the Sitka Sushi as the one and only ultimate handheld face feeder.

Lift Bridge Brewery: In an effort to get the most out of the hop oil aromas, the Stillwater brewery is now serving its beer in custom made glassware that... it’s a plate. They’re slurping beer off glass plates.

How we know it’s false: Beard oil and beer require minimal surface to surface contact for optimal performance.

Skaalvenn Distillery: Known for its clear spirits, this booze maker announced the newest flavor would be a little murkier. The video of the release really drives the product home and directly into the gag relflexors: Lutefisk vodka.

How we know it’s false: It’s not Christmas time.

Shower beer is real, it’s the pumpable growler that’s likely a hoax
Bent Paddle Brewing /Facebook

Bent Paddle Brewing: The Duluth brewery promises no more crying into your shower beer with a whole line of accessories including a little cap for the beer top to keep that warm water out of the cold beverage.

How we know it’s false: No one cries while drinking shower beer.

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. Taproom + Offices

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