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Travailian Barbecue Restaurant Finally Opens in Northeast on Friday

Minnesota Barbecue Co. fires up the smoker

Kale Thome can’t wait to share his barbecue, starting this Friday
Minnesota BBQ Co./Website

The tiny, but mighty Minnesota Barbecue Co. led by Kale Thome and the Travail chef collective, finally opens Friday May 3rd in Northeast with take-out smoked meats and delivery to nearby Fair State Brewing. The highly anticipated project first came to light in the fall of 2017 when it was expected to open in the spring of 2018.

The initial menu will include brisket, Saint Louis ribs, apple fennel slaw, creamed sweet potatoes, cucumber salad, and more.

Thome’s obsession with barbecue comes from a childhood spent in Witchita. He’s worked with the culinary playground known as Travail since the nationally lauded restaurant’s inception. Known for inventive, impossibly fun tasting menu dinners the chef-owned and operated collective is also constantly innovating and changing. It has also spawned a pizza restaurant, Pig Ate My Pizza, and hosts rotating pop-ups. The popularity of Thome’s barbecue grew at a series of Travail pop-ups.

The new restaurant includes custom metal work, in addition to a made just-for-them smoker, and a lot of sweat equity put in by the chefs.

Minnesota Barbecue Co. will be open Wednesday through Sunday.

The new restaurant is one piece of an ambitious move and expansion for Travail. The pizza restaurant has closed, to move into the old Travail space and morph into a brewpub. Travail will eventually move into a new space, but is currently holding a residence in Minneapolis. Find the whole run-down here.

Minnesota BBQ Co.

816 Lowry Ave. NE, Minneapolis, MN