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Check Out Colita’s Sublime New Patio in Armatage

The Tex-Oaxacan hit restaurant of the winter now boasts sought-after outdoor seating

Two crispy corn tortilla tacos on a sunny patio with a full wine glass
Toastadas in the sun
Jes Lahay/Eater Twin Cities

Colita, Daniel del Prado’s buzzy restaurant that opened in the dead of winter, already felt like it had been dropped from the desert directly into Minneapolis’ Armatage neighborhood. Now the restaurant has expanded it’s already hard-to-snag seating with the addition of a beautiful patio. The additional seating is surrounded by a dramatic black wall, packed with wood used to fuel the fire and smoker inside the kitchen, and a white concrete wall. An untreated wood pergola adds just a bit of shade for diners, as do several fern, fronds draping over the edges of their pots.

A garage door slides open so that even the interior seats can get a little bit of fresh air inside the pristine white room anchored by the living wall of plants behind the bar.

Colita first opened in November of last year as an immediate hit. The second restaurant from chef Daniel del Prado and his team after another immediate hit, Martina in Linden Hills.

The black exterior and light filled patio outside Colita has a stack of chopped wood in the background and is decorated by hanging ferns.
Ready to be the most coveted seats of summer
Jes Lahay/Eater Twin Cities

The cocktails are entirely made from fermented ingredients and pushing boundaries of what a beverage program can be. The zero proof drinks are given the same care as those made with spirits.

A silver flute has something pink encrusted in the outside. The glass sits on a wooden table with a black background.
The zero waste cocktail program goes above and beyond with the funky glassware
Jes Lahay

The dishes are Mexican, but done the chef’s way, with a dose of Tex-Mex, barbecue smoke, and a tiny thread of fine dining all under a Oaxacan umbrella.

A dark plate with a masa cake topped in a large dark purple shiso leaf, dusted with a magenta powder
Memelita: crunchy tortilla filled with paté, garnished with a shiso leaf and vibrant dusting of hibiscus powder
Jes Lahay/Eater Twin Cities

Since opening, Colita has consistently been one of the hardest-to-snag reservations in Minneapolis and the patio seats are likely to be some of the most sought-after spots to bask in the eventual warm weather.

The famous rubber duckie and salty foam margarita that’s been filling up Instagram feeds
Jes Lahay/Eater Twin Cities
Crispy tortillas topped with cream, peas, greens, and jalapenos in a black dish on a wooden table.
Colita’s surprisingly affordable with most entrees under $20 and n/a drinks at $5
Jes Lahay/Eater Twin Cities
The Puerto Rican Heartbreaker includes tequila and fermented rose
Jes Lehay/Eater Twin Cities
Colita opens at 5 p.m. tonight
Jes Lahay/ Eater Twin Cities


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