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St. Paul Food Hall Stand Will Soon Sport a Mac and Cheese Program

The upscale Gazta will flip to an O’Cheeze stand inside Keg & Case

The crazy grilled cheeses are coming to Keg & Case

The fancy cheese and small plates stand Gazta & Enhancements are finished inside Keg & Case. The owners of small restaurant and bar inside the West 7th food hall have made the decision to flip the business to the one they made their names with, an O’Cheeze stand. Business wasn’t quite what owners Tony and Haley Fritz had hoped it would be, pairing high end cheese, wine, and other small plates. Instead, they’re downshifting to the popular grilled cheese options that began on their O’Cheeze grilled cheese food truck.

In addition to the sandwiches, including one that’s a grilled cheese stuffed with mac and cheese, there will be a collection of other menu items, including a “mac and cheese program.”

The space, also holds a full liquor license, so there will continue to be cocktails available.

O’Cheeze Saint Paul opens Friday May 24.

Grilled cheese, mac and cheese, basically all your major cheese food groups

Keg & Case

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