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The Caribbean Restaurant Closing We’ve Been Fearing Will Soon Be a Reality

Marla’s will be done some time in June

Marla’s will close when the lease is up this summer
Marla’s [Official]

Despite desperate pleas from famous fans like Andrew Zimmern, Thomas Boemer and Gavin Kaysen, Marla’s Caribbean in South Minneapolis will close at the end of June. Marla Jadoonanan and her husband Ian first opened the restaurant in 2005 on Bloomington Avenue. Serving her signature dishes full the flavors of Trinidad, Tobago and India, which means plenty of spice, at reasonable prices lured many fans, including a lot of hospitality workers.

Jadoonanan had been in mediation with the building’s new landlord, who would like to more than double the rent. According to a City Pages report, she decided to end those talks saying it was time to walk away.

The restaurant was a second career and a dream of Jadoonanan, who had retired from being a nurse at the age of 40 to embark on this chapter of her life.

Already, hours have been sporadic, but Marla’s will serve a few more meals before the lease is done June 30.

Marla's Caribbean Cuisine

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