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Grand Old Day Is Actually Happening After All

The party/non-party/beer crawl/parade/cover band extravaganza is back to business as usual

Grand Old Day
The people are coming to walk down this street the first Sunday of June. So there.
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Grand Old Day will once again flood Grand Avenue on Sunday June 2.

It’s been a rough week around the Grand Avenue Business Administration office. First stark funding reports led them to cancel the annual kick-off to summer event, held the first Sunday of June every year along the business populated street in Saint Paul. Saint Paul, a city that appreciates a tradition reacted with a mixture of intrepidity and pouting. Some neighbors were relieved that it would be a year off from drunk people roaming from beer garden to beer garden to peeing in bushes. Many were dismayed at the end of a summers long tradition.

Two people created an alternative Grand Old Day, Anyway Facebook page that was, at first, nothing more than a promise that party be damned, people were going to go to Grand Avenue and kickstart them some summer. The page quickly racked up likes and local businesses and promoters saw an opportunity to serve people. Grand Old Day, Anyway became an organized Summit beer crawl including several restaurants and a free t-shirt. However, more businesses seemed ready to throw in on attempts to build a party June 2. Next came a Go Fund Me page and an attempt to raise an astonishing $250,000 that putting on the event was expected to cost.

Which brings us to yesterday and the Grand Avenue Business Association, a non-profit run by and for businesses on Grand Avenue, announced that the party would carry on as usual. Wristbands for the entertainment districts beer gardens are on sale now for $5 to those 21 and up. Wristbands will be $10 day of.

Plus, Grand Old Day, Anyway will carry on with the Summit Beer Crawl: one free beer and $4 Summits, plus the t-shirt at restaurants like The Lexington, Iron Ranger, Red Rabbit, Tavern on Grand, and more.

So, now, Saint Paul, you have your party two-for-one and summer can proceed as previously scheduled.