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Restaurant Owner Confirms Worst Kept Restaurant Secret in Minneapolis

Mucci’s Uptown will open this summer

A hand reaches for a slice of Mucci’s sausage pizza
In case anyone under a rock hadn’t heard, Uptown is getting a Mucci’s
Katie Cannon/Eater Twin Cities

In what was possibly the least dramatic reveal in Minnesota restaurant history, Tim Niver has finally confirmed that Mucci’s is happening in Minneapolis. The wildly popular red sauce joint is adding a second location after three years of lines out the door in Saint Paul’s West 7th neighborhood. The “secret” was out early, whipping through the neighborhood as soon as the address’ previous tenant Meyvn closed. The two restaurants have different chef/owners, but one person in common, Tim Niver. Niver is widely beloved for his restaurants and distinctive style of hospitality. He was also the person who feigned ignorance when a sign that read “Mucci’s” was affixed to the side of the building on the corner of Bryant Avenue and West Lake Street.

Today, Niver tweeted, in a breathtaking moment of nuhdoy, “ok ok ok ok, it’s happening.”

Inside the restaurant chef and Mucci’s co-owner Chris Uhrich has been testing recipes, baking Mucci’s distinctive fried crust pizzas in the ginormous woodfire oven, and posting it all on Instagram. A practice that breezes right past the feeble denials of obviousness and right into breathless anticipation of fresh pasta, “layers of love” lasagna, and decadent tiramisu.

The next logical question is when we will be able to get into this restaurant and actually eat these things? All outward signs point to soon, however Niver did not immediately return requests for comment on an opening date.


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Mucci's Uptown

901 West Lake Street, , MN 55408 (612) 315-4608