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Is Uptown Primed for a Red Sauce Restaurant from Tim Niver?

Evidence is stacking up that Mucci’s is making the move to the old Meyvn location

Tim Niver's Italian eatery offers new takeaway.
Restauranteur Tim Niver, pictured inside Mucci’s
Katie Cannon/Eater Twin Cities

Mucci’s is a beloved St. Paul red sauce restaurant famous for its deep fried pizzas, fantastic service, and a line out the door every day when the diminutive restaurant opens. Meyvn was a beloved, but not always crazy busy bagel-making restaurant on Bryant and Lake Street in Uptown that closed in April. The restaurants had two different chef/owners, but one common co-owner, Tim Niver. Now, it looks as though the man known for building a particular brand of service-style in the Twin Cities might be re-opening the Meyvn location, as a Mucci’s.

Reasons to believe this possibility to be true is that both Niver and his Mucci’s chef/co-owner Chris Uhrich have taken to social media requesting resumes, saying that they are hiring for a Minneapolis project. Also, a neighborhood tipster emailed us almost immediately after the closing of Meyvn saying that he had first-hand knowledge that the building would become the second branch of Mucci’s. Also, there’s presumably a lease obligation for Niver, who has long-made his Twin Cities impact felt with such legendary restaurants as Town Talk Diner, the Strip Club Meat and Fish, and Saint Dinette. Why not move a concept that’s proven popular across the river?

A hand reaches for a slice of Mucci’s sausage pizza
The bagel oven would make for some tasty pizzas
Katie Cannon/Eater Twin Cities

There are challenges to this idea, though. Will the Mucci’s concept travel to a different space? Mucci’s opened in February of 2016 in a small location in St. Paul’s West 7th neighborhood. It takes no reservations, serves Prosecco on tap, and spawned a line of frozen pizzas. The homey atmosphere fits in the dark-painted walled, dimly-lit space. Will that work in the Meyvn space that’s wall to wall windows, and an industrial/airy vibe?

No one is confirming, or denying any of this possible news.

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