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Restaurant’s Owner Continues Refusal to Confirm the Mounting Obviousness of Its Existence

If Mucci’s isn’t expanding to Uptown, somebody just wasted a lot of money on a sign

Tim Niver, “Holy shit! Somebody put a Mucci’s sign on the side of this building.”
Photo courtesy Matthew Steen

A sign has been installed on the side of the building on the corner of Bryant Avenue and Lake Street confirming the worst kept secret in the restaurant industry: Mucci’s Italian is opening a second location. The location, which was most recently Meyvn has been vacant since the end of May when the restaurant owned by Tim Niver, chef Adam Eaton, and general manager Laurel Elm. Niver, a well known fixture in the Twin Cities dining world, also owns a second restaurant, Mucci’s. His co-owner in that venture is Chris Uhrich. The different ownership collectives might have something to do with Niver’s borderline epic denials of anything actually happening in this space.

When reached for comment today he said he could not confirm that he was working on a second outpost of Saint Paul’s homey little red sauce restaurant. When conforted with the obviousness of the sign, he could be heard walking outside and declaring, “Holy shit! Someone put a Mucci’s sign on the side of this building!” He then promised to share news when - and if - there was ever any available.

Mucci’s is a cozy space with a black interior and a reputation for wait times and a zero reservation policy. Inside, the menu is packed with grandma approved foods and a fried pizza dough. The pizzas expanded to the grocers freezer section in 2016.

The sign was spotted by tipster Matthew Steen. If you see any restaurant happenings we need to know about, email with tips.


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Mucci's Uptown

901 West Lake Street, , MN 55408 (612) 315-4608