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MN State Fair: Just Kidding About that Whole Shooting Up Your Doughnut Thing

A controversial new fair food has already been yanked from the roster

Saving waste by cutting out this dish
Minnesota State Fair [Official]

The quest to become the most buzzed about kooky new food at the Minnesota State Fair has already ended for one vendor. Today the fair announced that The Hangar’s Wingwalker’s Donuts entry into the new fair foods list of infamy has already been dropped from the roster after a petition garnered over 3,200 signatures.

The idea was that fairgoers could fill their own little cake doughnuts with giant plastic syringes filled with cream, chocolate or jam. Petitioners voiced concerns about the wasteful, single-use plastic nature of the gimmick, and the possibility of glorifying injections.

Today, the fair announced that not only will there be no syringes, but that The Hanger is committing to using compostable trays and serving already filled mini-donuts. Since the controversial item has officially been removed from the list, The Hanger has added a new food entry to its offerings, fried onion rings, pork, elote-style corn, bbq sauce all served on a hash brown.

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