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Selby Avenue’s Teeny Ramen Restaurant Is Closing at the End of August

The bad news is Tori Ramen is closing, good news for the Victory neighborhood is that Tori 44 remains

A bowl from Tori Ramen
This small, but mighty shop is gone
Tori Ramen [Official]

Chef and owner Jason Dorweiler announced this weekend that Tori Ramen, his first restaurant tucked just off Selby Avenue and Victoria in Saint Paul will close at the end of August. It’s been serving the neighborhood its pork-free soups since 2016 inside a slim location that affords all of its diners a view of the various cauldrons of broth cooking. Dorweiler said in his announcement of the decision, “It comes not with despair, but instead optimism as we prepare for the days ahead.”

Tori Ramen’s sister restaurant, Tori 44 located in Minneapolis’ Victory neighborhood, a larger and equally tasty spot will continue to serve the long-simmered broths, chewy-soft noodles, and more that made Tori famous.

Tori 44 first opened in June of 2016 as the Twin Cities’ first all-poultry and vegetable-based ramen restaurant. In December of 2017 the restaurant endured a small fire that temporarily closed it down, but it recovered quickly. The final bowl inside this original location will be served on August 31.

To everyone that has tipped a bowl up in our restaurant, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It comes not...

Posted by Tori Ramen on Saturday, July 20, 2019