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Move Over Beer — Micro-Distillers Are Coming To The Fair

They’re selling $5 distillery passports, too.

A woman’s arm holds a coup glass with a Clover Club in it on a sun beam highlighted white table inside Tattersall’s cocktail room
Sipping at Tattersall. Photo by Joy Summers
Joy Summers

Just when we think we might have seen it all, the fair pulls another trick out from up its sleeve. This time it’s in the form of micro-distilleries at the fair for the first time ever.

The Minnesota Distillers Guild will have a booth at the north end of the fair near the northeast entrance (across from the dog pavilion). For $5, spirit enthusiasts can pick up a MN Distillers Passport that entitles holders to BOGO cocktails or a $5 on a $10 or more purchase at a whopping 17 micro-distilleries across the metro area as well as greater Minnesota. These bad boys typically go for $25 a pop, so fair-goers are getting a deal.

Those who love all things local will be happy with the purchase: In 2017, guild members used over 2.3 million pounds of grain and 10,000 pounds of apples as well as honey, maple syrup, molasses, and herbs and botanicals like mint, basil, sumac and more—all from Minnesota. Bonus: the grains leftover from distilling are turned into feed for local livestock, sometimes at the very same farms that grew the grain in the first place.

Sustainability makes the world go ‘round, y’all.

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