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Midtown Global Market’s Southern Food Restaurant Has Closed

Mama D’s Kitchen is closed until further notice

No more catfish at Midtown Global Market, at least for now
Mama D’s Kitchen/Facebook

Mama D’s Kitchen, the Southern food stand inside Powderhorn’s Midtown Global Market food hall has closed. The restaurant shared a message that it would be closed, “until further notice,” so there is hope that this isn’t a permanent loss. The closure puts into question who all will be at the market’s stand at the upcoming Minnesota State Fair. Usually two businesses from inside the hall take up a residency. Mama D’s was expected to be there August 22 through 27.

Chef Destiny Brook began Mama D’s in 1996 as a catering venture. She opened the stand at Midtown Global Market in early 2018.

Requests for comment were not immediately answered.

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