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Mall’s Attempt to Overthrow the Food Court Norm Ends After Eight Months

Rosedale’s Revolution Hall has closed

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No more PieCaken unicorn cakes for the cities
Joy Summers/Eater Twin Cities

Rosedale Center has closed its food hall. The collective of small stalls was supposed to be more food hall than food court, using a variety of different little restaurants all gathered together with nary a chain in sight. It was also the only real-life outlet for celebrity pastry chef Zac Young’s PieCaken. Other stalls included a chicken and waffle stand, taco bar, sushi spot with sushi-rolling robot, and a whiskey bar among others.

The ambitious idea was the work of Craveable Hospitality, a company based in New York City. All the stands inside were run by the one company and seemed to be a collection of popular food ideas.

Revolution Hall’s Facebook page sports a two out of four star rating and a steadily sinking Yelp rating with reviewers most common complaint being bad customer service.

Pivoting to an entirely new concept, the mall is now looking for local vendors to populate the hall. In a statement Rosedale’s General Manager Lisa Crain said, “In closing Revolution Hall, we will now be able to satisfy the demand for an engaging customer experience.”

There is no re-opening date expected at this time.

Revolution Hall

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