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As the Minnesota State Fair Hits the Halfway Mark, There’s More New Food to Try

Taco Cat debuts at the International Bazar

Two deep fried tacos in a paper boat are impaled by skewers and topped with green drizzles
Just when it seemed as though the new foods to try were exhausted
Minnesota State Fair [Official]

With six days down and six to go, today marks the halfway point of the Minnesota State Fair with the debut of two more new fair foods. Taco Cat debuts inside the Midtown Global Market stand at the International Bazar with vegetarian and meat filled deep fried tacos on a stick. The palindromic stand has stuffed tortillas with green chorizo and potatoes, tucked the whole business in, tossed them in the deep fryer and impaled them upon a skewer. The vegetarian option includes black beans, corn, carrots, and onion and tops them with guacamole and crumbled fresh cheese. The tacos are served two to an order.

In addition to the tacos, the stand is selling loaded fries buried under black beans and cheese sauce and horchata mixed with cold press.

Taco Cat replaces Hot Indian in this location. So, those Kentikka chicken sandwiches everyone was raving about are gone.

Minnesota State Fairgrounds

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