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Paris-Trained Pastry Chef Opens University Avenue Pâtisserie

A notable new bakery opens in Saint Paul

Pastries on display at the soft opening.
Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris

An elegant new bakery, Marc Heu Pâtisserie Paris is now open on St. Paul’s University Ave last week. Known for delicate desserts and masterful vienosseries, Paris-trained chef Marc Heu’s creations were once only available to those with the foresight to pre-order.

The new bakery takes the place of Mi Casa Su Casa at 383 University Avenue West. The location was previously a Silloutte Bakery.

Order flaky croissants and buttery, cream-filled pain au raisin by the dozen, or pick up a cake or tart for a special occasion. From the jewel-toned, strawberry-studded Fraiser to a decadent opera cake, all the refined classics are on hand. As the bakery begins to find its feet, expect to see the menu grow to encompass more of Heu’s repertoire. Visit any morning, Tuesday-Sunday. The bakery is closed on Mondays.