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World-Famous Bakery Milk Bar’s Two-Day Pop-Up Draws Thousands to the North Loop

NYC-based Milk Bar served Minneapolis over 8,000 of its legendary treats

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Inside all that sugary fun that hit the North Loop last weekend
Jes Lehay/Eater Twin Cities

The lines stretched for blocks, with people spending as much as two and a half hours waiting, but it was all in summery fun at Milk Bar’s two day pop-up in Minneapolis’ North Loop. Internationally renowned pastry chef Christina Tosi brought a crew and plenty of sugar to visit her friend Gavin Kaysen’s original Minneapolis restaurant, Spoon and Stable. On Friday afternoon, the truck was open serving up soft serve garnished with cornflake crust. Additionally, there were compost cookies, Milk Bar (formerly crack) pie, birthday cake truffles, t-shirts, sunglasses, countless Instagram opportunities.

According to staff at Spoon and Stable, people had begun lining up at 8 am for the 11 am opening on the first day. By the second, Kaysen decided to open the usually closed bar for a little midday meal. Behind the bar was his company’s beverage director, Robb Jones, making Milk Bar-inspired cocktails, including a clarified milk punch and a Froot Loops garnished milk shake-type deal.

People dining inside the restaurant for dinner Friday and Saturday also had a chance to try something special. Local pastry legend Diane Moua collaborated with Tosi on a stunning cake creation garnished with crunchy little cereal bits and just a teeny bit salty meringues.

Despite a line that nearly wrapped around the block to Demi’s entrance, Kaysen’s other North Loop entrance, most faces were smiling in the 90 degree temperatures.

Milk Bar employees said they served over 8,000 treats to the approximately 1,000 attendees that stopped by the pop-up over its two day residency.

The line wrapped all the way around the block, and again down the next block after that
Milk Bar’s employees kept the line moving as people purchased treats and tons of pink swag
Some visitors waited over 2 1⁄2 hours in line for some cereal milk soft serve
Soft serve brought straight from NYC to MPLS
A little girl in an ice cream t-shirt poses with her Cereal Milk soft serve
Fans came ready for photo ops
A dalmaison poses in front of Milk Bar’s Instagram wall
Not all fans came on two legs
A cup of ice cream with crunchy cereal garnish
The famous Cereal Milk soft serve
A girl does a yoga pose in front of Milk Bar’s Instagram wall
As much as it was about food, there was also the undeniable lure of a good Instagram story
A photo of a photo being taken of a stack of cookies
A stack of compost cookies get the ‘gram
Jes Lahay
A cocktail is garnished with Foot Loops inside Spoon and Stable
Even a serious bartender can have some fun with sugary treats
Diane Moua pours sauce over a cake with cookies and cherries
A cake made by two powerhouse pastry chefs
Jes Lehay

Spoon and Stable

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