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An Icon of a Bygone Era Succumbs to Downtown Minneapolis’ Changing Landscape

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The Old Spaghetti Factory hung on for 25 years, now a Pinstripes is planned

Farewell to an old reliable in downtown
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For 25 years the Old Spaghetti Factory has stood at the edge of downtown, opening when the area had the Metrodome, Grumpy’s, Sawatdee, and not much else on this side of town. The neighborhood has changed drastically in recent years, with a rise of condos, upscale living, the Guthrie, and long-vacant buildings being repurposed for high-end demands. Through it all, The Old Spaghetti Factory remained steadfast in its 90s-era kitsh, candelabra elegance, and reliable, gently flavored food. Now, the noodle party is coming to an end. On August 24, the restaurant will close and make way for a Pinstripes.

The Portland-based chain stresses that Minneapolis is the only restaurant to close, citing the end of its lease. All other locations will continue to operate. The next nearest one is in Missouri.

Pinstripes is a mixed entertainment bar and restaurant with another location in Edina. That spot offers bowling and bocce ball in addition to food and drinks. No further plans for the downtown location have been released.

The Old Spaghetti Factory

233 Park Avenue, , MN 55415 (612) 341-0949 Visit Website