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Suburban Distillery Is Building a Swank New Cocktail Room Just in Time for Brandy Season

The Dampfwerk Distillery will soon be serving drinks on site

A hand holds a glass cut with the Dampfwerk logo, inside is a fizzy amber-colored drink
A cocktail featuring Hegolander, Dampfwerk’s herbal spirit
The Dampfwerk Distillery [Official]

St. Louis Park-based The Dampfwerk Distillery will open a new cocktail room just in time for brandy sipping season later this fall. The distillery isn’t new, but up until now, fans have had to seek out the distinctive square bottles with the etched artwork at liquor stores. Before the end of 2019, a new space will be constructed that will embody the convivial drinking culture of German in the Minneapolis suburb.

Dampfwerk is the family-run distillery at 6311 Cambridge Street that’s built a reputation on fruit brandies, bucking the usual distillery trend of vodka/gin/whiskey/repeat. Co-founder Ralf Loeffelholz is German and is capable of espousing stories of region-specific brandies and their family legacies like sharing bedtime fairytales. His passion for coaxing flavors and sharing the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) seasonal flavors and spirits is evident in any conversation with him. What our area has lacked, until now, is a proper brandy-sipping culture.

A rendering of the lounge includes dark walls, dark seating, with a few lit, built-in shelves
A rendering of the low lit, sleek lounge
The Dampfwerk Distillery [Official]

The new cocktail room will pour Dampfwerk’s products from the autumnal pear and apple brandies, to the bitter-laced rye, to bracing gin, and the Pfeffersack, which sips like Fernet. In addition to sipping the spirits on site, there will be bartenders with an array of proper cocktails. On the menu will be classic cocktails along with a serious focus on drinks made with the brandies.

A computer rendering of a long dark colored bar with black bar stools with what looks to be a private lounge space in the background
The bar menu will lean heavily into brandy cocktails, sipping brandy, along with a few classics
The Dampfwerk Distillery [Official]

The cocktail room will be open Wednesdays through Sundays. On Sunday it will host a kaffeeklatch with German coffee, cakes, and brandy. Dampfwerk has been working with Honey & Rye Bakehouse on some German cakes, tortes, and pies.

Look for a late fall opening.

The Dampfwerk Distillery

6311 Cambridge Street, St. Louis Park, MN 55416