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North Loop’s Food Hall Is Now Serving Megadillas and Stunning Views

A large outdoor couch, hanging chair, and more seating on a rooftop patio that overlooks the downtown Minneapolis skyline
A new food hall with a destination-worthy rooftop patio is open outside downtown Minneapolis
John Yuccas/Eater Twin Cities

A new North Loop food hall is now open for breakfast through dinner and drinks. Graze Provisions and Libations sports an outdoor green space, rooftop patio, two bars, and a collection of incredible independent vendors. The two level 14,000 square foot building located on 4th Street and 5th Avenue, not fair from Target Field.

The first sign of life is the window opening at 6:30 am outside Honey & Rye Bakehouse serving Tiny Footprint coffee and baked goods to the neighborhood, with a little bowl for four-legged neighbors. The doors open to the interior at 7 am.

The first floor includes plenty of seating and open wifi for those that want to settle in and work or meet.

A spread of scones, cookies, croissants, madelines, brownies, and macaron
An array of baked goods from the outpost of the St. Louis Park bakery

The stand inside the food halls is the second outpost of the St. Louis Park bakery.

The view of Honey & Rye with a bar alongside it, a counter, and bright yellow espresso machine
The sunlight filled corner with plenty of plug-ins for a little sugar-fueled productivity

Honey & Rye will stay open through the evening, when the bakery will serve desserts.

A selection of scones
This will be the first time the bakery delves into the dessert world. We’re hoping there will be pie.

The first floor is divided into two sections, separated by a central stairwell.

Seating area two, between the first floor bar and the eateries

Vendors on the first floor include Carbon, run by the same couple behind the Gastrotruck food trucks. Peterson beef is roasted and shaved onto sandwiches, including a proper pit beef sandwich. Co-owner Catherine Eckert said she came here from the east coast. In Baltimore pit beef sandwiches proliferate in roadside stands and gas stations, but it’s hard to find them around the Twin Cities. Other sandwiches include regional beefy goods like a Chicago-style Italian beef, a Philly French dip and more.

Two silver trays each sport one of the dishes
A pit beef sandwich and seriously loaded fries

Next to Carbon is a stand that will flip menus when the weather changes. For now, there are fresh poke bowls. As the grips of winter sink in, the stand will switch to serving ramen.

A white bowl full of diced salmon, kimchi, and green onions
Vibrant hued poke bowls for now

Next door to that is the second location of the mega Mexican food truck that’s become a sensation, Flagsmash. It’s here that the Instagram-famous Megadilla is served: a gobsmacker of a dish with battered French fries, cheese and meat, crammed into a tortilla, cooked crispy on the griddle.

Two levels of sliced, stuffed quesadilla crammed with fillings including French fries
Exactly how hungry are you?

There’s also a worthy burrito that could likely inspired epic tales of heroism.

A giant burrito browned crispy on one side, topped with shredded cheese
A burrito the size of a healthy baby

Next to them, nearest the bar and the outdoor exit to the green lawn is MidNord Empanadas and Churros. This is the first permanent outpost for the long-popular food truck serving their signature, blistery empanadas for years, but this is the first foray into the cinnamon sugar world of churros.

A white boat holds several deep fried and sugar coated churros and a cup of dark, liquid chocolate
If only this picture was scratch n sniff

Both upstairs and down are anchored by a bar. Unique to Minneapolis food halls, this one allows for drinks to be ordered and enjoyed in a common area. That way, you can order food from several vendors and still enjoy a tasty cold one

Five cocktails on a white surface
The cocktails are classics and twists on 80s classics

The bars are overseen by Jesse Held’s Earl Giles company. As expected, there is a perfect Manhattan and perhaps unexpectedly, there are a few drinks remade from another era. There is a modern twist on the White Russian, and other classics from the popped-collar era. Held has an affection for these drinks, that also made a debut on the first menu he did for Constantine.

A coup with a Manhattan served up is placed on the bar with the Minneapolis skyline in the background
The views from the upstairs bar are pretty nice

Upstairs, along with an inside/outside bar set up, Ms. Packman, giant TV’s with more video games hooked up, are additional vendors including Lu’s Restaurant, from the same people that gave us Lu’s Sandwiches.

The chef’s hand hovers over a bowl full of plantains, waffle pieces, and jerk chicken
Chef Gerard Klass puts the finishing touches on a bowl

Also upstairs is Soul Bowl, the erstwhile pop-up that’s having the Best Year Ever. After making its debut inside Target Field, drawing to a close it’s always popular soul brunch series and gearing up to open a second location.

Soul Bowl will be open from 11 am to 10 (ish?) pm all days except Saturday, the the stand, owned by Klass and Brittany Klass will be closed. However, there is some hope that once things get rolling, chef Klass will bring back the Soul brunch on Sundays. Stay tuned for more on that.

A white bowl filled with charred jerk chicken pieces, slices of golden plantains, and garnished with slices of green onions
Chef Gerard Klass doesn’t do meek food: plantains, waffles, and jerk chicken are drenched with spicy syrup

The upstairs outside patio is a ready to act as the North Loop’s new neighborhood deck.

An outdoor lounge at Graze food hall in the North Loop
Welcome to your new living room, neighbors
Red chairs and black tables on the rooftop patio at Graze
Plenty of seats and views

Graze Provisions and Libations

520 4th St N, Minneapolis, MN 55401 Visit Website