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Guy Fieri Is Opening a Fried Chicken Restaurant Inside the Mall of America

“Can we get Level 3, North renamed to The Mall of Flavortown?” he tweeted

A papered over mall stand with a running chicken in sunglasses logo and the words Chicken Guy repeated all over it in yellow font
Ready for some Donkey Sauce?
Mall of America [Twitter]

Guy Fieri, the longtime host of the Food Network’s country crossing Diners Drive-Ins and Dives is opening Chicken Guy, his new fried chicken chain, inside the upscale food court at the Mall of America. The original restaurant, opened by Fieri and his partner, Planet Hollywood founder Robert Earl, is located inside Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Chicken Guy boasts a chicken tender dominated menu along with 22 different sauces. Which means there will be Donkey Sauce inside the Land of 10,000 Lakes. There will also be sandwiches made by housing two tenders inside a bun and configuring them with toppings and flavors allowing for names like, “The Sauce Boss.” The whimsical naming constructs also involve the sides like “Mac Daddy” macaroni and cheese. Salads go crazy and allow for grilled chicken tenders and the kids menu costs a dollar less for one less tender.

The aim to set these tenders apart from say, every other restaurant in the mall, is that these are brined in a mixture of buttermilk, pickle juice, lemon juice, and herbs before pressure frying them.

Prices are in the Mall food court sweet spot, topping out at $9 for a salad, and going down to $3 for a side of slaw.

Already under construction, no opening date has been released. The Chicken Guy MOA is just part of a nationwide expansion planned for the burgeoning chain. Another location about to open inside a mall in Miami.

Fieri is also hard at work at one of Boston’s most anticipated fall openings, Guy’s Tequila Cochina.

Mall of America

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