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Loring Park’s The Bird Closes

Kim Bartmann’s breakfast restaurant closes after first announcing hour reduction

The Bird’s alley entryway Joy Summers

In keeping with a cold-weather trend sweeping the Twin Cities restaurant scene, The Bird announced this morning that doors would be closing for the month of January, effective immediately.

Located on the edge of Downtown Minneapolis’s Loring Park, The Bird is a project of Twin Cities restauranteur Kim Bartmann, known for local favorites like Barbette, Book Club, and Red Stag Supperclub. Since Bartmann took over the address in 2014, 1612 Harmon Place has gone through several iterations: from its first days as Third Bird to the transition to (and immediate closing of) Bearcat Bar in 2017, to its reopening and current incarnation as breakfast/lunch eatery The Bird.

An announcement posted to the restaurant’s front doors currently state that The Bird will remain closed for the month of January.

Correction: The Bird later announced the closure would be permanent.

The Third Bird

1612 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403 (612) 767-9495 Visit Website