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Minneapolis’ Much-Anticipated Pie Shop Will Open This Spring

Pie & Mighty confirms a few important menu details and eyes a spring opening

Two women, one in glasses and a blue t-shirt another in a green t-shirt smile and embrace.
Ratchet Mattison and Rachel Swan are here to make the world better with pie.
Pie & Mighty [Official]

The long wait for access to fresh and ready Pie & Mighty baked creations is almost over. The bakery’s owners say it will open this spring. Up until now, Pie & Mighty was a highly sought after pie subscription service run out of a church basement in the Longfellow neighborhood. Now, owners Ratchet Mattison and Rachel Swan say that there will be pie, whole pies, freshly baked and sold outside of the new storefront at 3553 Chicago Avenue in South Minneapolis with a twirling little pie case and everything.

Swan confirmed that the new shop will serve a rotating selection flavors and at least one variation of their “angel” pie. The angel pie is a family recipe of Swan’s, baked into a light and crispy meringue shell that just happens to be gluten-free.

Up until now, fans of their legendary pies have had to sign up for a newsletter, add their names and hoped for selections to a lottery form, and wait to see if their names are drawn to have a chance to get their hands on some pie. Swan would work overtime, in the snug church kitchen, attempting to keep pace with demand. Mattison would furiously fold boxes and track orders as they came in. The duo outgrew the small commercial space some time ago, but did everything they could to maintain pie pick-ups that act as part baked good exchange, part community meeting, and party hug session. Friends would often pop by to lend a hand all to get that pie into the hands of people who needed it.

The greatest pie opening of 2020 is upon us
Key lime pie for one lucky pie subscriber
Joy Summers/Eater Twin Cities

In addition to those who would buy and order pie, there was a pie-it-forward fund that would collect a few extra dollars here and there to support buying pies for people, most often times strangers, who were experiencing big life changes, loss, new babies, or just really needed a little faith restored in humanity.

All of these things will continue inside the new shop, but on a larger scale. Pies will be baked every morning, sold whole, and when they’re gone, that’s all, folks. There will also still be a pie-it-forward option, but details are still being worked out.

For now, the oven hood is installed, the new storefront is taking shape, and the interior is sporting this jazzy blue floor with white and sunshine yellow subway tile.

A view of the walls and floors installed at Pie & Mighty
Pie & Mighty [Official]

Pie & Mighty has set a goal of opening on Pi Day (3.14), barring any unforeseen bumps. If nothing else, there will be lemon angel pie before the spring blooms end.

While the subscription service is no longer delivering pies until construction on the shop is complete, there is still a weekly newsletter rife with updates and adorable gifs.

Pie & Mighty

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