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Dr. Biden Tours Historic Rondo Neighborhood with St. Paul Mayor

Melvin Carter took Jill Biden to a cafe, ice cream shop, and other small businesses

Jill Biden Campaigns In Minneapolis/St Paul For Joe Biden
Dr. Biden and St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter
Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Dr. Jill Biden visited St. Paul over the weekend, where the city’s mayor introduced her to several small businesses along Selby Avenue. Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, was in town to talk about the campaign’s plans for small businesses and meet with women voters. The two stopped by Golden Thyme, a busy cafe that serves comfort food breakfast, lunch and coffee to chat with customers.

They also talked with a flower shop owner at the intersection of Selby Avenue and Milton Street. These businesses are at the edge of what was the historically Black neighborhood of Rondo. The neighborhood was largely razed when Interstate 94 was built directly through the area. The area has also recently seen some gentrification, with the addition of new apartment buildings and higher home prices.

During her day-long visit, Dr. Biden also made appearances at the Sanneh Foundation on the East Side and spoke in Minneapolis at a “Minnesota Women for Biden,” event.

Correction: An earlier eyewitness report said Dr. Biden was seen at 2 Scoops Ice Cream Shop, across the street from the flower shop. The Biden campaign clarified that she did not visit that store or meet with 2 Scoops owners.