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Minnesota’s Governor Hints at More Bar Restrictions As Coronavirus Rates Rise

COVID-19 rates have reached new record levels as winter begins in earnest

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Holds Press Conference
Minnesota’s Governor hinted today that new bar restrictions could come as soon as this week
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

More restrictions, but not mandated closures, for Minnesota bars could be announced later this week, according to the governor’s office. Tim Walz spoke at an appearance at a new spit testing sight at the Minneapolis Convention Center that opens today. “Many of you can extrapolate and start thinking about this, Where are the 18 to 34 year-olds congregating together?” said Walz.

Plans are expected to be revealed Tuesday and include a more “surgical,” response, amidst record numbers. The state’s COVID-19 infection rate, hospitalizations, and deaths have been on the rise, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Health. Sunday the state saw a new record-high 5,863 reported cases.

As colder temperatures return, many restaurants and bars have been working to increase safety protocols, installing outdoor bubbles for small dining groups, and installing air filtration systems, all in the effort to remain open to indoor dining.

The next federal stimulus bill negotiations are expected to begin again soon, now that election day has passed.