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Celebrate Hanukkah with Stuffed, Sugary Doughnuts

Where to find the best sufganiyot around the Twin Cities

Rows and rows of sugar coated, tanned doughnuts, each dotted with a bright red little jelly spot
Fruit & Grain in Minneapolis has been frying up this holiday treat
Fruit & Grain/Facebook

Hanukkah, the festival of lights, is also known for its emphasis on fried deliciousness to celebrate the tiny ration of oil that miraculously lit the temple for eight nights. The quintessential Hanukkah dessert is the sufganiya, a strawberry or raspberry filled jelly encrusted with sugar. Below are a few places to grab some of these plump sweet treats to end the year.


Bogarts Doughnut Company

Filled with house made strawberry jam and coated in vanilla bean glaze, Bogart’s “jammies” sell out every Hanukkah, so order ahead and order extras.

Craft & Crew Hospitality

Even if it’s just immediate family for Hanukkah dinner this year, take it easy and order the entire meal from one of Craft & Crew’s restaurants. The Take and Bake dinners are available for pre-order until Thursday with pick up on Friday. Each Hanukkah meal serves two and includes everything from matzo ball soup to sufganiyot. For some serious Hanukkah fun, grab a “Sufganiyot Martini” kit for just $18.

Glam Doll

Known for fun, over-the top doughnut, Glam Doll keeps it simple with raspberry filled sufganiyot, available to order over the phone or online.

St. Paul

PJ Murphy’s

PJ Murphy’s does classic best, and their traditional version of sufganiyot is no exception. The raspberry filled doughnuts will be available throughout the holiday.


Crossroads Deli

The Jewish deli and bakery offers a variety of jelly filled sufganiyot for Hanukkah, but while there, get an order or four of the matzo ball soup as well. Balance.

YoYo Donuts

Although the raspberry bombe is offered year-round, YoYo’s version of Sufganiyot is topped with powdered sugar for the Hanukah season. The daily version, topped with granulated sugar, will still be available.

Valley Pastries

While most doughnut shops sell raspberry or strawberry jelly filled doughnuts that could theoretically double as sufganiyot, Valley Pastries in Golden Valley also offers apple and lemon filled. Order a six U Pick pack and get a couple of each.

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