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Minnesota Restaurants Allowed to Resume Outdoor Dining Just in Time for Deep Winter

Restaurants that invested in heaters will have another chance to use them

Ice sculptures of tiki gods and palm trees
Restrictions are ever-so-slightly loosened for holiday dining outside
Winter Carnival/ Facebook

Struggling Minnesota restaurants were granted a small concession yesterday when Minnesota’s governor Tim Walz announced that outdoor dining will be allowed to resume after the state’s COVID-19 infection rate inched downward. Patios are once again allowed to function at a 50% occupancy rate, which shouldn’t be hard given the average temperatures for this time of year are regularly below freezing.

Restaurants and bars must remain closed for all indoor dining. These businesses were forced back to either takeout only, or paused serving all together when the governor halted indoor service for the second time on November 21.

The newest restrictions are set to last until at least January 11.

A few restaurants and bars announced yesterday that they would open in spite of the latest round of restrictions. The state responded with a news release the liquor licenses of two bars, where images of maskless crowds circulated through social media, would be suspended pending a hearing before an administrative law judge.