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Tiny But Mighty Minneapolis Dulceria Bakery Will Close At the End of February

Dulceria will go out on a high note, after almost four years of community impact and outstanding pan ducle

A plate of conchas
After nearly four years, Dulceria Bakery will close this month
Duceria Bakery [Official]

Dulcerica Bakery in Minneapolis will go out on a high note when it closes forever on February 22. There will be one more party, a proper send off to the vibrant community the tiny bakery has built.

Dulce Monterrubio realized her dream of building a better bakery that would sell the baked goods of Mexico, while also building a stronger community for marginalized people. After opening as a farmers market stand in 2016, she quickly amassed a large net of friends and fans with fantastic pan dulce. The storefront on 42nd Street followed in 2018 serving a wide collection of treats that also included vegan and gluten-free offerings.

In a heartfelt farewell letter, she remembered fundraising for fellow immigrants, hosting arts and healing when Trump campaigned in Minnesota, partnering with The Subversive Sirens and queer Latinx college students for a radical baking project, and providing a space to elevate other small businesses with a multitude of pop-ups.

However, when she came back from winter break this year, she realized that to continue to build it all, and deliver the baked goods required more physical and emotional investment than she would be able to give.

Until closing, the bakery will continue to be open regular hours and gift certificates can be redeemed up until February 21. All those gorgeous conchas, ancho chile brownies, cajeta-filled pan dulce, coffee, and more will be available for just a few more days.

Dulceria Bakery

1839 East 42nd Street, , MN 55407 (612) 886-1180 Visit Website