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Inside the Dramatic Dining Room Makeover of Eater Award Winner P.S. Steak

How a restaurant group and superstar design firm pulled off the most breathtaking dining room reveal of 2019

The back dining room of PS Steak with a banner saying The 2019 Eater Awards
What was once austere now sports a gothic elegance built for impressive steak dinners
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

In a marriage of interior design and menu creation, what matters most is the heart. The winner of the 2019 Eater Award for design, the awe-inspiring P.S. Steak (originally conceived as P.S. Meat and Game) is a study in meaningful, thoughtful elegance. The restaurant’s company, Jester Concepts’ owner Brent Frederick, along with culinary director chef Mike DeCamp, enlisted ubiquitous Minneapolis firm Shea Design. Known for its collaborative and customized approach, Shea could bring the dream of a Victorian hunting lodge to fruition. Frederick kept the space’s history in mind when conceptualizing his vision.

The historic building was originally built as a hotel in the 1920s, now contains condos, and for many years a restaurant at its base. For thirty years the restaurant was 510 Groveland. More recently, it was the long-time home of La Belle Vie, which closed in 2015. Nods to the building’s celebrated past even include the lamb burger previously served at La Belle Vie.

A dark bar lined with substantial chairs.
The North wing’s second bar was built from scratch
Lucy Hawthorne

While the new tenants were conscious of paying homage to previous design, keeping details that worked such as lighting intact, Frederick wanted to infuse P.S. Steak with rejuvenated energy. That’s where the new bar in the North wing came in. DeCamp had been in the La Belle Vie kitchen for a decade and understood what patrons were looking for. While the dining room was stunning as previous iterations, diners had historically preferred dining in the lounge thanks to its less formal vibe.

The dark dining room with a crystal chandelier, giant booths, with red velvet upholstery
Victorian hunting lodge vibes
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

Walls were moved, spaces opened up, color palettes warmed up, all with the hope of creating a more inviting space. The addition of the plush bar, and its prominent placement in the restaurant, created an accessible yet stately tone to the entire space, not an easy feat by any means.

The front bar and lounge, with a fireplace
Contrasting the dark ding room, the lounge is lighter, retaining much of the historical details fo the building
Lucy Hawthorne/Eater Twin Cities

Throughout the dining room, bar and lounge, the team went for that wow moment, inspired by classic steakhouses from London to Chicago. By all accounts, they have succeeded. The rich color palette, restored hardwood flooring and new flow have created rooms where both old souls and young minds can feel at home.

P.S. Steak

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