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Minneapolis’ Sunniest New Pie Shop Will Likely Open Later This Month

Get a sneak peek inside Pie & Mighty

Two ribbons inside a vintage icebox say “Team Pie”
After a brief time of not baking as they built the shop, Pie & Mighty is getting ready to return
Joy Summers

It has been a long wait, but Pie & Mighty will soon open its small storefront at 3557 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis, but it won’t be your average pie shop. Known for heartfelt and gif-punctuated newsletters, the company will return to offering pies through that email, known as The Pie Loop. The shop will act as a pickup destination, place to get a simple cup of Bootstrap coffee (drip) and greet neighbors.

The shop run by Karen “Ratchet” Mattison and baker Rachel Swan, will again fold boxes, tuck pie inside and be available for many hugs. Pie pick up day has always been an emotional affair. Somewhere between the sweet cream or juicy berry filling, people have a tendency to share all kinds of life updates, both joyous and hard. That might be, in part, because of the pie-it-forward program. When people buy pie, they can also toss a couple of bucks on to the final bill. Those funds buy pie for anyone who really needs it, whether home with a new baby, grieving, or even just in need of faith restored in humanity.

The sunny new home of Pie & Mighty will alternate hours depending on the day. Some will be morning pick ups, others afternoons, and when ordering, people can choose the best time for retrieval.

The decor is homey with bright blue flooring and white subway tile walls with one yellow stripe through them. Accessories are vintage finds. She and Mattison found a canary-colored icebox to hold sweatshirts and t-shirts for sale. The menu will be written on old window panes hung behind the register. The piece de resistance is a vintage pie case that spins and a whopping 1rpm.

Vintage rolling pins behind the counter
Joy Summers

On Saturday March 14, the new shop will host, along with next door neighbor Jakeeno’s, Slicefest. Pie & Mighty will have a slices of pies and show off the small, but might need space. Jakeeno’s will serve slices of pizza. Bring cash to buy all the good slices, get a first hand look at the shop, and maybe even a hug.

Depending on how inspections and response goes over, Pie & Mighty will likely open for business soon in the next few weeks.

The milk glass light fixtures hang from the ceiling
Joy Summers
An open, old fashioned refrigerator with bright blue and red oil cloth at the bottom. Two ribbons hand inside that say ““Team Pie”
In side the icebox will have Pie & Mighty goodies
Joy Summers
The shop’s new sign
Pie here soon
Joy Summers

Pie & Mighty

3553 Chicago Avenue, , MN 55407 (612) 822-2132 Visit Website