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St. Paul Hospitality Industry Rallies Around Striking Teachers

Restaurants and breweries are offering discounts to educators out of work during contract negotiations

Inside Merriam Park’s New Favorite Neighborhood Hang
Stewart’s is just one of several businesses offering discounts

The St. Paul Public Schools’ teachers strike continues today. Contract negotiations between the two sides were unable to come to a resolution, while an estimated 37,000 students are home from school. Teachers are seeking, among other things health, mental health, and foreign language support.

With no end in sight for the two sides, area restaurants and breweries are offering discounts to those out of work and walking the picket line.

These discounts are all available with identification. Call ahead for availability.

Rose Street Patisserie on Snelling and Rose Street Café on West 7th offer 20% off to anyone with an SPPS ID

Stewart’s offers 10% off for teachers and students.
Tori offers a 25% discount on ramen

Clutch Brewing offers $1 pints of beer

Smoke Session BBQ offers free sides: rice, coleslaw, and fries

Bay Street Bar Grill is offering buy one get one

Ginkgo Coffee offers $1 coffee and bakeries treats

Amsterdam Bar and Hall offers 25% off

If you know of more discounts email and we’ll update this list.

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