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The Gnome Returns to Selby Avenue With a Top Chef in Tow

Brian Ingram and Justin Sutherland launch a new project

Picture of old firehouse.
Soon to be reborn as The Gnome Craft Pub.
The Happy Gnome [Official]

This summer, the old Summit-University firehouse that once housed the Happy Gnome will welcome a new Minnesota supper club: the Gnome Craft Pub.

The Gnome is the latest brainchild of Brian Ingram of Hope Breakfast Bar and Justin Sutherland (of Top Chef and Handsome Hog fame). “The 19th century firehouse will feature a craft pub on the main level, beer hall upstairs, and beer garden outside. These spaces will include multiple bars, intimate booths, and communal seating to accommodate two or twenty of your closest friends throughout the Minnesota seasons,” MSP Magazine reports.

Ingram and Sutherland are building the Gnome’s menu around supper club classics: charcuterie, carved rotisserie, table-side raclette, and a wide selection of craft beers that will draw old devotees of the Happy Gnome. The drink menu will also feature taps from local and national wineries and distilleries.

The Gnome Craft Pub is set to open at 498 Selby Ave. later this summer.

Handsome Hog

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Hope Breakfast Bar

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The Happy Gnome

498 Selby Avenue, , MN 55102 (651) 287-2018 Visit Website