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St. Paul’s Beloved Little Ramen Shop Has Reopened and Expanded In New Location

Also fresh this week are a downtown distillery, pub food, and tacos

A bowl from Tori Ramen
Tori’s ramen is back in St. Paul, now on West 7th
Tori Ramen [Official]

After a long wait, the ramen shop Tori has returned to St. Paul, expanded in just about every way. From a teeny little shop in Cathedral Hill, to proper restaurant-sized train car on West 7th Street. The location was last home to Chris & Rob’s Taste Authority, a hot dog restaurant. The Tori team has spiffed up the surroundings to make it a destination for fans of the flavor-packed soups and other Japanese fare. With the extra room, chef/owner Jason Dorweiler has extended the menu and added a full bar. The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.

That Old Tori Ramen Spot Won’t Be Empty for Long

Meanwhile, back up on Victoria Street, just off of Selby Avenue, the original Tori Ramen location won’t be empty for much longer. Hamburgesas El Gordo will open soon with all the gonzo burgers (there’s a hot dog on there?), tacos, elotes, and other munchies-friendly food that fans find at the West St. Paul and Minneapolis locations.

Downtown Minneapolis Now Has a Distillery

Stillheart Distillery opens in the North Loop Wednesday March 4. A collaboration between the people behind Minneapolis’ popular Lawless Distillery and Bittercube, it’s in the same building as Fairgrounds Coffee. Mpls./St. Paul Magazine got a first look at the duel level space that sports all kinds of cozy corners for drinking and conversation. The cocktails are all kinds of fun, with several on tap as well as colas and sodas available for choose-your-own adventure mix and sips. Plus, in a pull to the White Claw crowd, the distillery is also making and serving a hard seltzer.

Make sure to drink wisely, though. There’s no food on site, so best to plan snacks elsewhere in the food-abundant neighborhood.

Close up on a burger with two pieces of peppery bacon on a silver tray with black and white wax paper and a few French fries
Burger fans will want to check this one out
Joy Summers/Eater Twin Cities

Bar Food Fans Will Find a New Love in St. Paul’s Eastside

On March 14 a new bar is opening in the former Louie’s Bar at 883 Payne Avenue. NorthStar Bar will have Mik German slinging the good bar snacks. He’s the same chef that created the plan-your-evening-around-them burgers and munchies at Alary’s in downtown St. Paul.

Louie’s had a pretty rough reputation, and the new spot has gotten a good scrub down and makeover to bring back some of the historic glory.

Tori Ramen

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