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Peek Inside This Restored Train Car Now Serving Alluring Ramen in St. Paul

Tori’s takes full advantage of its new location with

A closeup of an earthenware bowl filled with ramen, broth, and topped with half a prawn
Tori’s incredible ramen returns to St. Paul
John Yuccas

Tori is drawing ramen fans down to St. Paul’s West 7th neighborhood with its newly opened train car location and expanded menu. The restaurant began as a small neighborhood shop up the hill on Victoria, near Selby Avenue. The original location was small enough that there wasn’t need for a host stand. Diners could just step inside the door, greet the friendly staff behind the counter and plop down. The success of the location could make getting in the door a challenge during busy times.

Soon chef/owner Jason Dorweiler found expansion opportunity in the Victory neighborhood of Minneapolis and opened Tori 44. The considerably larger room offered the chance to make even more food, serve more customers, and start selling Tori’s ramen noodles.

In the summer of 2019 he decided it was time to leave the original home, but assured fans, Tori would return to St. Paul. That time came last week, with Tori on West 7th quietly opened.

The view of booths on one side, tables and chairs on the other. The floor is polished wood and the ceiling allows light in.
A long, lean train car is now home to St. Paul’s favorite ramen
John Yuccas

The restaurant takes the place of the former Chris & Rob’s Taste Authority. A small train car (that still holds remnants of the previous tenants decor on the outside) transformed into the instantly exciting ramen spot.

A view from the bar shows the windows overlooking West 7th Street, and vintage-inspired wallpaper

Dropping “ramen” from the name, allows Tori to explore cuisine and move beyond the bowls. However, the brothy goods are still there. Tori is open for lunch and dinner, with a break to reset in between, Wednesday through Sunday.

A line of tables and chairs in front of the windows
The car fills up with light in the daytime. In the evening, the lights shine from the busy street out front
A small lounge area with plush leather seating
The menus
The expanded menu still sports chef Dorweiler’s ramen, but also adds more food options and a full bar
A close up of an earthenware pot filled with broth and mussels
Mussels in broth with watercress and radish
Bowls at the ready
An Old Fashioned


603 West 7th Place, , MN 55102 (651) 340-5866 Visit Website