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Anelace Coffee Shop Is Permanently Closed in Wake of Central Avenue Fire

After five years in Northeast Minneapolis, the owner determined there was no way to come back

A photograph shows the hull of the building, only the black facade and sign remain with rubble around it
A fire devastated the coffee shop on March 22nd
Anelace Coffee/Facebook

Destroyed by fire, Northeast’s Anelace Coffee has announced that it will not reopen for business. For five years the coffee shop was beloved for its cozy space and phenomenal coffee. The shop had been closed at the time, as a part of the mass restaurant and retail closures in the state that began on March 17 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The four alarm fire that destroyed the shop was reported, just days after the devastating closures, at 5 pm on Sunday March 22. The blaze began in a building that housed El Taco Riendo as well as apartments upstairs, quickly spread into neighboring buildings. El Taco Riendo set up a Go Fund Me for employees, while continuing to operate its Crystal location.

There had been hope that Anelace would return, but yesterday afternoon, the owner Caitlin Shrestha shared the decision not to rebuild in a Facebook post.