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Where to Order Minnesota Flour As Grocers Struggle to Keep the Pantry Staple Stocked

Flour and T. P. is all we need to make it through

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Food Building
Baker’s Field Flour and Bread mills single origin grains
Food Building

The Coronavirus pandemic has made bakers of all of us, partly out of boredom, partly out of the inevitable carb cravings that come with stress. While run-of-the-mill flour brands are rarely available at grocery stores nowadays, this might be the perfect time to try the healthier local flours from artisan makers.

Baker’s Field Flour and Bread – Minneapolis, MN

Located in the Food Building in Northeast Minneapolis, Bakers Field is small batch bakery that produces its own milled-to-order flour on granite stone mills from Midwest-farmed single-origin whole grains. A minimum purchase of two bags can be shipped for $7 per bag. Local customers can pick up orders at Kieran’s Kitchen in Food Building). Four-pound bags of flour are also stocked at Kieran’s Kitchen but sell out quickly.

Doubting Thomas Farms – Moorhead, MN

Now on its fifth generation, the Thomas family has been farming since 1978, growing certified organic crops for local markets and restaurants. Shop for a variety of organic flours and oats on their web site, along with Minnesota wild rice and eggs when available.

Sunrise Flour Mill – North Branch, MN

Darrold and Marty Glanville produce heritage flours sourced from organic non-GMO grain varieties. Sunrise Flour Mill utilizes Unifine mill technology- a single pass, high velocity impact mill. The mill produces a super-fine and fluffy flour without added chemicals. Orders can be placed on the web site and shipped for $8.99 for orders over $50, or at local co-ops when available.

NETZRO - Minneapolis, MN

Netzro sells bags of upcycled flour available for delivery within the Twin Cities metro area. Typically a B2B company, the flour only just became available to consumers during the pandemic. A 2lb bag of organic whole wheat flour with NETZRO spent rye grain from Tattersall Distilling or a 2lb bag of organic whole wheat flour with spent grain from Modist Brewing are priced at $8 a piece.

Kieran's Kitchen Northeast

117 14th Avenue Northeast, , MN 55413 (612) 354-5093 Visit Website