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Governor Extends Minnesota’s Stay At Home Order, Restaurants and Bars Will Remain Closed

Monday May 4 is the soonest any would be able to open

The sunny dining room at Spoon and stable is filled with muted beige and white tones. In the foreground are large, circular dark wood tables with chairs and in the background an edge of the white bar is visible. On the wall is a large rough-hewn piece of wood lined with spoons. It’s a bit of an inside joke that Kaysen was known for stealing spoons whenever he dined somewhere that had utensils he admired.
Restaurants can still do take out, but dining rooms will be closed at least through the first weekend in May
Spoon & Stable [Official]

In today’s address from the Minnesota’s Governor Tim Walz, the stay at home order for the state has been extended to Monday May 4. That means Minnesotans are compelled to remain at home and leave only for essentials. The current order was set to expire this Friday.The curren The one projection for COVID-19 infections places Minnesota’s peak on April 18, according to NPR News.

Area restaurants have already, largely been plotting to remain closed until some day in May. There had been some concerns that restrictions would be tightened, perhaps hindering the take away and delivery options many restaurants have chosen to implement. As of right now, nothing will change and those businesses may continue to serve.

Some restaurants have pushed to be allowed to sell alcohol, but that is continues to be banned. In a creative effort, some restaurants like the recently re-opened Hai Hai or Hola Arepa, are serving cocktail kits to be made with alcohol purchased elsewhere. Meanwhile, some distilleries, in addition to making gallons upon gallons of sanitizer, are also selling cocktail kits. Norseman Distilleries kits with small bottles of alcohol along with mixer, fund the sanitizer efforts.

Meanwhile, bars that do not sell food, have been forced to remain completely closed at this time.

An informal poll of restaurant owners indicates that while they are anxious to re-open, many will do so cautiously, with respect to the health of guests and employees. Experts indicate that once the stay at home order is eased, the state is likely to see a jump in the rate of infections.