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Minneapolis’ Coolest New Cocktail Bar Finds a Way to Return This Week

Meteor, the new dive bar from two industry notables, returns with hot dogs and slushie drink mixes

The historic bar stacked with liquor bottles and a drink menu in the foreground
Meteor, a fantastic new bar in North Minneapolis, is finding a new way to serve

Meteor, the new bar in North Minneapolis has found a way to return by way of hot dogs beginning this Wednesday. The hotspot opened by bar masters Robb Jones and Elliot Manthey was forced to close mid-March after only just opening at the very end of last year. A dive bar with pedigree, Meteor was staffed with industry leaders serving forward-thinking drinks as well as perfectly executed classics. Because of the way the stay at home order is structured in Minnesota, bars that don’t serve food aren’t able to serve anything curbside.

Starting tomorrow, the bar has hot dogs available to go, along with frozen Mucci’s pizza. The hot dogs are available plain, jazzed up with a kimchi mayo and crispity onion topping or a blended relish and ketchup mustard mix. In addition to the new food selections, there are beverages being offered to go. There are mixes for some of the popular cocktails, including a White Rabbit, which is like the world’s greatest White Russian. Since Minnesota lawmakers continue to ignore the value of adding actual cocktails to go, the mixes are all n/a, needing a spike from home bars to taste like they would in the bar. Other beverage options include amaro, tonic, and the option to pick up a rotating sixer of beer built from some of the owners’ favorite cans.

A plain dog and a kimchi and fried onion hot dog along with a can of tonic and a Meteor t-shirt
Merch and food will be available for pick up
Joy Summers

Ordering will open online beginning tomorrow afternoon. Just drive up to the bar, call, and the order will be delivered to the car with zero contact. Initial hours are expected to be Wednesday through the weekend, but are subject to change.

Meteor Bar

2027 NORTH 2ND STREET, MINNEAPOLIS, MN, Minneapolis, MN 55411 Visit Website

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