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Eater 38 Twin Cities Restaurants Offering Takeout and Delivery

Where to find Jucy Lucys, pho, tacos, and more to go

A white bowl filled with spaghetti with red sauce and lobster.
Order Martina’s fra diavolo spaghetti with lobster to go
Kevin Kramer/Eater Twin Cities

The Eater 38 answers the often-asked question, “Can you recommend a restaurant?” This highly elite, list covers Minneapolis and St. Paul (inside the perimeters, loosely), spans myriad cuisines, and collectively satisfies every restaurant need in the Twin Cities. While the official map is paused amid the coronavirus pandemic, these are the restaurants that have re-opened their kitchens for takeout and delivery.

Lat 14

Chef owner Ann Ahmed cooks the food from all around the 14th parallel, which means delicious versions of pineapple pork fried rice, lumpia, Bangladeshi beef curry, and a banh mi tartine all happily exist on this endlessly devourable menu. Place an order by calling the restaurant at (763) 400-7910. An 18% fee is being added to bills as Lat14 shifts to a no gratuity model during takeaway. The fee helps the restaurant pay a livable wage to the staff.


Chef Daniel del Prado’s original Linden Hills eatery mixes Argentinian and Italian dishes to great success. A pared down menu available for order includes pasta, the cheeseburger, charred brussels sprouts, and the potato churros. A gorgeous selection of wine is also available to be picked up. Order online.


Chef Steven Brown’s ultimate neighborhood bistro is offering a limited takeout menu, a few bottles of wine, and some of its classic dishes like those spicy meatballs. Also available for order are a family-style dinner that feeds two and the popular kids menu. Order online.


The second restaurant from Del Prado, this restaurant specializes is Mexican dishes and smoked meats. The entire menu is gluten free by nature, with fermented in-house masa made into pliable tortillas that act as a base for tender, rich smoked meats. Colita has also moved away from tipping, adding a 20% fee to all orders to support its staff. Order online.

A double decker burger with an onion ring from P.S. Steak
Order the burger to go, or get a grill at home kit from P.S. Steak
P.S. Steak/Facebook

P.S. Steak

This gorgeous steakhouse is selling items to go, delivering through BiteSquad, and selling grill kits for DIY steaks at home. Order it all online. In addition to the online menu including steak tartare, aligot potatoes , and those La Belle Vie lamb sliders, there is an option to buy a healthcare worker a meal, or add on an Old Fashioned mix to the order.

Grand Cafe

Chef Jamie Malone’s gorgeous little French bistro has shifted to preparing giant meal kits that feed two people heartily for days. In addition to the food, which can be made right away or frozen, there are little additions of delight added to each kit, from watercolor paints, to flowers that come with an Instagram arranging class, to tidbits of luxury from Martin Patrick 3 to wine suggestions. The dishes are a mix of homey and Grand Cafe classics, like an ice cream sandwich inspired by its instant classic dish: foie royale. Order online.


This fried chicken phenomenon has been selling that Southern Fried and Tennessee Hot chicken almost seamlessly since Minnesota restaurants closed March 17. Locations are open in Minneapolis and St. Paul on Selby Avenue. Order online.


This Argentinian empanada and pizza restaurant remains in high demand, with its website noting that orders can take up to two hours because of demand. Order online.

Hola Arepa

Those tender corn arepas, stuffed with goodies and doused in bright sauces are available for takeout. The limited menu also includes some brunch dishes, like the breakfast arepa and fried chicken cachapa. Hola’s also selling cocktail kits for a few of its popular drinks, including the margarita. Including in the order is a 15% fee that so that Hola, like many other area restaurants, can provide employees with better wages and to pay for protective gear to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Order online.

It's been a year since Spoon & Stable opened
Gavin Kaysen’s original restaurant, Spoon and Stable is serving to go meals, specials, and more
Katie Cannon

Spoon and Stable

James Beard Award winning chef Gavin Kaysen’s original restaurant continues to operate in the North Loop through a takeout menu. The menu has changes, but includes some ready-to-eat dishes, take and bake options, and specials, like this week’s 30-day aged cote de boeuf. In lieu of gratuity, the restaurant asks diners to donate to its Heart of the House Foundation, a non-profit organization created to provide bridge support to team members and their families. Order online.

Kado No Mise

The North Loop’s gorgeous sushi restaurant is offering both pick up and limited area delivery. In addition to a selection of sushi, donburi, and bento boxes, there are also a few pantry items available for sale, like Kewpie mayonnaise, furikake, and Pokey sticks. Sake and wine are also on the menu. Kado No Mise is also adding a 15% fee to support its staff.

Young Joni

The 2019 James Beard Award winner for Best Chef Midwest, Ann Kim’s Northeast pizza and small plates restaurant is open for takeout seven days a week. For the month of June Young Joni is donating 5% of sales to the West Broadway and Area Coalition to support North Minneapolis businesses. Like so many others, Young Joni has removed tipped in favor of a blanket 18% charge on all tickets to support the staff. To order, call the restaurant at 612.345.5719 ext. 11.

Fresh Vietnamese dishes loaded with herbs and citrus from James Beard Award nominated chef Christina Nguyen
Hai Hai/Facebook

Hai Hai

Even without benefit of the eye-popping blue dining room, dining on Hai Hai’s South Asian fare feels like a vacation. The Hanoi sticky rice bowl and Balinese chicken are built to travel from pick up to home beautifully. Cocktail mixes are also available. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, and also add a 15% fee in lieu of gratuity. Order online.

Zen Box Izakaya

Chef John Ng has always taken his ramen very seriously (check our @RamenArchitect on Instagram). That is why his signature dish has never before been available for takeaway. However, in these days of nothing is as it was, the ramen and more are available for takeout and delivery. Ramen isn’t the entire menu, there are bento boxes, Japanese curry, rice bowls, and pantry items including pickled ramps, and kimchi. Plus, he and hospitalitarian/wife Lina Goh have managed to keep the fun and generous spirit of their izakaya alive through takeout. Meal prices are suggestions. No one who is hungry will be turned away. Order online or by calling the restaurant Tuesday through Saturday.

Popol Vuh

Chef Jose Alarcon’s Mexican fine dining restaurant is closed, for now. But the neighboring taco shop, Centro is open for pick up Tuesday through Sunday. Order online.

Restaurant Alma

James Beard Award winning chef Alex Robert’s fine dining classic is serving alongside its sister cafe breakfast, lunch, and dinner to go. Everything from the fabulous baked goods to the expertly selected wine and the entrees worthy of a date-night in, can be ordered online. Alma has also done away with gratuity, and added an 18% wellness charge to better pay its employees, instead.

A cheese filled burger with little fried onions from Matt’s
Matt’s Bar

Matt’s Bar

This dive bar with the iconic burger is open and serving to go. Pick up those perfectly sized burgers known as a Jucy Lucy, filled with molten hot, gooey cheese to take home. Chances are, by the time you arrive, that dangerously hot cheese will have cooled ever-so-slightly to an approachable temperature.

Union Hmong Kitchen

It’s been a big year for chef Yia Vang, who is currently at work opening his first brick and mortar restaurant. Until that’s ready, swing by the airstream trailer outside of Sociable Ciderworks in Northeast for a taste of his now-legendary whole grilled chicken or other family-style made dishes. Order online seven days a week, afternoons and evenings.

Bungalow Club

Bungalow Club continues to serve chef Andrew Kraft’s seasonal Italian dishes Wednesday through Saturday, with a special pizza pop up on Sundays called Lil Chovi. There is also a selection of pantry items including fresh made pasta and sauce. The restaurant has also joined the ranks of so many others with removing tipping and replacing it with a 20% fee that assures livable wages for the entire staff working. Order by calling the restaurant at (612) 866-3334.

Joan’s in the Park

This intimate bistro in Highland Park in St. Paul continues to serve gorgeous meals and exquisite bottles of wine to go. This is an excellent spot for picking up something special for a date night picnic or special dinner at home. A three course menu is available for $69 each. To order call ahead at (651) 690-3297.


Chef Hai Truong’s Vietnamese bistro on University Avenue continues to serve phenomenal bowls of pho and that crispy rabbit lumpia for takeaway, or a limited delivery area around the restaurant. Wine, beer, and Wrath of Khan hot sauce are also available. Order online.

A hand reaches for a slice of Mucci’s sausage pizza
Mucci’s pizza and pasta are available to go from both locations
Katie Cannon/Eater Twin Cities


Both Mucci’s locations in St. Paul and Uptown are open for curbside pick up. That means that fried chicken pizza, layers of love lasagna, and tiramisu can all be picked up and brought home - in addition to affordable bottles of wine. Order online.


Chefs Tyge Nelson and Stephan Hesse’s Mexican restaurant was on the cusp of opening a second location when the pandemic hit. Order build-your-own tacos, habanero margarita mix, family-sized meal kits and more online from the St. Paul location. Edina will begin serving takeout June 24.

Handsome Hog

That restaurant known for bourbon and Southern comforts from chef Justin Sutherland is open, but now in an entirely new location. Find the new home of the Hog up on Cathedral Hill, at the intersection of Western and Selby Avenues. Call the restaurant for menu and availability.

Saint Dinette

This popular Lowertown restaurant had taken a brief hiatus from its regular menu, but now the restaurant has returned to its roots with a seasonal list of rustic French-leaning comforts, plus a burger so dense with butter and cheese that it’s become a bit of a legend. Order online.

Brunson’s Pub

Eastside’s favorite bar has leaned into the to-go orders and made it through the most challenging times (only having one phone line, for starters.) Order chef Torrance Beaver’s killer burgers, not wing wings (fried chicken thighs), and other glories of great bar food to go. Have patience if there’s a busy signal. Call (651) 447-2483.

A fried chicken sandwich with sauce and shredded lettuce on a poppyseed bun.
A perfect fried chicken sandwich from Soul Bowl
Soul Bowl

Graze Provisions and Libations

This North Loop food hall is open for takeout, along with all of its independent-owned food stands. Available to go are dishes from Honey & Rye Bakery, Carbon, MidNord Empanadas and Churros, Soul Bowl, Fish Bowl Poke, and Lu’s Sandwiches. Veggie-loving Moral Omnivore is still on the way. Order online.

Lowry Hill Meats

This Minneapolis butcher shop from chef Erik Sather has been an incredible resource for quality meats and an array of pantry items through the pandemic. Plus, the incredible sandwich menu is still available. Open during the day Tuesday through Saturday, order online and pick up at the door. Order online.


305 S Washington Ave, , MN 55415 (612) 208-1638 Visit Website


786 Randolph Ave, Saint Paul, MN 55102 (651) 330-2245 Visit Website

Boludo Empanadas

3749 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, MN Visit Website

Mucci's Uptown

901 West Lake Street, , MN 55408 (612) 315-4608

Hai Hai

2121 University Avenue Northeast, , MN 55418 (612) 223-8640 Visit Website

Hola Arepa

3501 Nicollet Avenue, , MN 55408 (612) 345-5583 Visit Website

Zen Box Izakaya

602 South Washington Avenue, , MN 55415 (612) 332-3936 Visit Website

Handsome Hog

173 Western Avenue North, , MN 55102 (651) 219-4013 Visit Website

Mucci's Italian

786 Randolph Avenue, , MN 55102 (651) 330-2245 Visit Website


500 J Street, , CA 95814 (916) 545-7111 Visit Website


520 North 4th Street, , MN 55401 (612) 567-7044 Visit Website

Hai Hai

2121 University Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418 Visit Website

Grand Cafe

3804 Grand Avenue South, , MN 55409 (612) 822-8260 Visit Website

The Bungalow Club

4300 East Lake Street, , MN 55406 (612) 866-3334 Visit Website

Joan's in the Park

631 Snelling Avenue South, , MN 55116 (651) 690-3297 Visit Website


8 West 38th Street, , MN 55409 (612) 353-5574 Visit Website


5400 Penn Avenue South, , MN 55419 (612) 886-1606 Visit Website

Saint Dinette

261 5th Street East, , MN 55101 (651) 800-1415 Visit Website

Graze Food Hall

520 North 4th Street, , MN 55401 Visit Website

Popol Vuh

1414 Quincy Street Northeast, , MN 55413 (612) 345-5527 Visit Website

Lat14 Asian Eatery

8815 7th Avenue North, , MN 55427 (763) 400-7910 Visit Website

Lowry Hill Meats

1934 Hennepin Avenue, , MN 55403 (612) 999-4200 Visit Website


605 7th Street West, , MN 55102 (651) 340-9545 Visit Website

Matt's Bar

3500 Cedar Avenue S, Minneapolis, MN 55407 (612) 722-7072 Visit Website

Popol Vuh / Centro

1414 Quincy Street Northeast, , MN 55413 (612) 345-5527 Visit Website

Restaurant Alma

528 University Avenue Southeast, , MN 55414 (612) 379-4909 Visit Website

Kado no Mise

33 North 1st Avenue, , MN 55401 (612) 338-1515 Visit Website

Matt's Bar and Grill

3500 Cedar Avenue, , MN 55407 (612) 722-7072 Visit Website


4257 Nicollet Avenue, , MN 55409 (612) 345-4516 Visit Website

Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

799 University Avenue West, , MN 55104 (651) 222-3301 Visit Website


4312 Upton Avenue South, , MN 55410 (612) 922-9913 Visit Website

Young Joni

165 13th Avenue Northeast, , MN 55413 (612) 345-5719 Visit Website

Spoon and Stable

211 North 1st Street, , MN 55401 (612) 224-9850 Visit Website

Union Hmong Kitchen

520 North 4th Street, , MN 55401 (612) 431-5285 Visit Website

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