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Lyn/Lake’s Original Brewpub Closes Wednesday After 20 Years

Herkimer will pour a few out Tuesday and Wednesday and say goodbye

The exterior of the building from last summer, with chairs outside, and a mural on the side of the building
This week is the last for Herkimer Pub

Herkimer Pub first opened on December 3 at 2922 Lyndale Avenue South with the then radical idea of brewing beer right inside its restaurant. Wednesday, the restaurant will pour out its final pint after twenty years of serving the Lyn/Lake area.

In a Facebook post announcing its closure, the restaurant said, “Prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, it had become increasingly apparent that the evolving character of the industry was becoming less able to sustain a neighborhood pub like us.”

The brewery with the full kitchen first made a mostly German beer lineup before switching to American style in 2012. This was before the days of a craft brewery on every block. It was a popular gathering spot in the neighborhood for game day viewing, shuffleboard, and annual beer-centric events.

The brewpub will host a final send off tomorrow and Wednesday from 3 p.m. to midnight, selling off wares and three final beers available.

Herkimer Pub and Brewery

2922 Lyndale Avenue South, , MN 55408 (612) 821-0101 Visit Website