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Massive New Patio Will Lead Revived St. Paul Restaurant’s Opening in July

The Gnome returns, Blackbird Cafe becomes Petite Leon, and more in the AM Intel

A patio at dusk, topped with bistro lights, under a tree
A preview of Cathedral Hill’s new patio at The Gnome
The Gnome/Facebook

Cathedral Hill’s The Gnome opening is imminent with an official July opening confirmed. The new pub replaces the location’s previous brewpub, The Happy Gnome. This new pub comes from Brian and Sarah Ingram, the couple behind Hope Breakfast Bar along with the culinary director stylings of Justin Sutherland.

Food will include roasted meats, fancy sandwiches, charcuterie, and table side raclette - a melty cheese shaved off a heated wheel onto veggies and bread. Beer will lead the beverages, but there will also be tiki drinks, perfect for the massive patio expansion. The patio now covers the back of the building and wraps around the side to the front door with plenty more space and chairs — including a few swinging hammock chairs.

The restaurant kept the name because gnomes are known as guardians of good, which is right in the Ingram’s wheelhouse. Their other restaurant has become a beacon of hope and generosity. Hope Breakfast Bar raises funds and shares food with anyone who needs a meal. From the SPPS Teacher’s strike to all those affected by Minnesota’s shut down during the coronavirus pandemic. The Gnome will also donate a minimum of 3% of proceeds to charitable causes.

Petite Leon Will Open This Fall Inside the Former Blackbird Location

A powerhouse team of talent is taking over the former Blackbird location on Nicollet Avenue and 38th Street in the Kingfield neighborhood to open Petite León. Jorge Guzman was the award-winning chef at Surly’s ill-fated Brewer’s Table and Ben Rients was the founding chef at the groundbreaking Lyn65, the along with major bar talent Travis Serbus and Dan Manosack will open the dimly lit, intimate space. The food won’t adhere to any particular cuisine, but instead be whatever they feel like serving.

Expect a late summer/early fall opening.

One of Downtown Minneapolis’ Most Popular Patios Returns Next Week

Butcher & the Boar has announced it will reopen July 7, including the large, year-round beer garden. Preceding that, the restaurant is adding to-go items on June 30. This is the first time that the meat-centric restaurant will be open since the statewide closures hit.

Uptown Mall’s Third Wave Coffee Shop Will Not Reopen

Dogwood Coffee inside the don’t-call-it-Calhoun-Square mall on Hennepin Avenue has closed permanently. The shop has occupied a space just inside the Hennepin Avenue entrance, across from Kitchen Window since 2010.

Calhoun Square

3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408 (612) 825-2211


3800 Nicollet Avenue, , MN 55409 (612) 823-4790 Visit Website

The Happy Gnome

498 Selby Avenue, , MN 55102 (651) 287-2018 Visit Website